TOP 10 Toys 2021: Good Night Coney, the doll that helps children sleep better, is nominated!

TOP 10 Toys 2021

TOP 10 Toys 2021

GOOD NIGHT CONEY - The interactive light up doll wearing soft bunny pyjamas.


Good Night Coney, from the Cry Babies family, is a special version of Coney, the perfect bedtime doll for young children. She has a squishy body and super fluffy pyjamas, perfect for helping children fall asleep. When you take her dummy away, she cries light-up tears and when you put the dummy back in, her face gently lights up. You can press her tummy to listen to up to 10 minutes of lullabies to help children fall asleep.


More than a doll, a dream partner. Much more than toys.

IMC TOYS also has an extensive collection of dolls from the Cry Babies family, famous for crying real tears. They have different themes; Fantasy Babies, Tutti Frutti Babies (that smell like fruit), etc. In addition, IMC TOYS has the Cry Babies Magic Tears family, adorable mini collectible babies, each collection having their own theme named after the world they live in on their own TV and YouTube series.