Cry Babies the No 1 selling dolls across Europe and United States 2019



21st of February, Barcelona. The Cry Babies collection has become the best-selling Brand of 2019 in the Special Feature Nurturing Doll category in Spain, UK, France, Italy, Germany and United States combined. The collection of these popular dolls from IMC Toys have hit the No 1 spot in this sector of the toy market - according to the independent market research company the NPD Group.

Cry Babies were created in 2016 with 3 characters: Coney, Lea and Lala, and by 2019 the collection had grown to more than 20 versions. Among them the successful Mickey and Minnie dolls and the new Fantasy babies have been highlights. These dolls’ success sees no boundaries with sales hitting more than 1.350.000 units over Italy, UK, France, Germany, Spain and United States, according to the NPD Group data.

Motivated by the Cry Babies success, in 2018 IMC Toys created Cry Babies Magic Tears. This collectible mini version of the main brand with more than 100 models has captivated half the world and has achieved third position in the same ranking, with more than a million units sold in Europe and United States.

Part of the brand’s success is because of the world created around the characters, featured in the Cry Babies Magic Tears animated series. With more than 1 billion views the series has positioned itself as a phenomenon on YouTube and has been nominated for the second year in a row in Kidscreen awards as Best Web/App Series Branded in Digital –Preschool Category. Furthermore, it is present on more than 10 kid’s television channels around the world and has been dubbed in more than 20 languages.

Anna Sala, Business Intelligence Analyser of IMC Toys, says “part of the success of Cry Babies is thanks to the synergies created among the marketing strategies of each country, the new product launches, as well as alliances between content and digital campaigns”.

To meet demand and keep growing in 2020, Cry Babies Magic Tears will release its third season on 14th March. As with the other series this will be available on YouTube. IMC Toys commitment is to continue growing the series and the new season series will increase from 26 to 36 episodes. Throughout 2020 new worlds with adorable characters, from the Cry Babies and the Cry Babies Magic Tears collectible version, will also be released.