new season

Terrassa, February, 2020. Content and toy producers IMC Toys S.A. introduce Cry Babies Magic Tears Season 3, to be released on March 14th. The company will publish the first episode on their Kitoons YouTube channels in the Italian, German and Spanish markets simultaneously. The French and English 3rd season premiere will take place on April 11th, also on IMC’s Kitoons YouTube channels. Besides its worldwide availability on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video, the 3rd season is expected to be broadcast quite soon on different TV channels around Europe.

 Cry Babies Magic Tears is an animated series about friendship and the importance of emotions for children aged 3 to 6. The story focuses on baby friends dressed up in animal pyjamas matching their pets. In each stand-alone narrative episode, they have amazing adventures together while learning how powerful their emotions can be.

Season 3 (36x5’) will star the same Cry Babies Magic Tears squad as in Season 1 (12x3’) and Season 2 (26x5’), including Lady, Dreamy, Coney, Tina, Bonnie, Lucy… adding new and exciting partners with different abilities and personalities. Through their teamwork, all the babies will be able to identify and solve problems, encouraging young children to acquire 'creative problem-solving skills’. Furthermore, the series shows the diversity of cultures by depicting other worlds like the Fantasy World, and new upcoming worlds, with new babies with diverse personalities.

Raquel Roca, Communications Manager at IMC Toys said: “We are releasing the 3rd season of Cry Babies Magic Tears driven by the success of the first two seasons. We believe the key to its success is in the characters. These characters, inspired by our toys, are easily recognisable for kids. Also, the whole idea of the series is to embody children’s everyday emotions so they can feel part of the series and relate to the characters and their feelings”.

Based in Terrassa, IMC Toys, now partnered with Zodiak Kids, aired Seasons 1 and 2 in more than 20 countries in traditional TV channels such as Nick Jr, Disney Channel, Freesbee, Ketchup or RTLKids. In addition, since its release, the series has become a worldwide YouTube phenomenon, garnering over 1 billion views on VOD platforms, drawing attention from the global market.

When describing Cry Babies Magic Tears new season, Julia Montañana, Content Manager at IMC Toys, pointed out that: “it is going to be very cool. Children are going to love the new characters and their adventures. We have put all of our efforts in creating appealing and awesome relatable stories that kids will surely love. Season 3 is going to be the best season of Cry Babies Magic Tears, just wait and see!”